Dynamic Vacuum Model and Casimir Cavity Experiments

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H. White et al. (2020), JBIS, 73, pp.268-272

Refcode: 2020.73.268
Keywords: Vacuum energy, Dynamic vacuum, Acoustic waves, Casimir

This paper will summarize a pilot wave interpretation of quantum mechanics known as the dynamic vacuum model that claims the quantum vacuum can vary spatially and temporally. Some of the recently published findings for this dynamic vacuum model approach are discussed and the implications of these findings lead to some possible new insights associated with the Casimir force phenomenon. This deeper study suggests that there is structure to the quantum vacuum in the Casimir cavity and some time will be spend developing some conceptual experiments designed to detect this structure. Some general sizing calculations related to these experiments are provided to determine the possibility of being able to measure the phenomenon in the lab. Two of the noted concepts may have propulsion related benefits, firstly to provide larger amounts of negative vacuum energy density for the idea of a space warp or wormhole, and secondly as an in-space propulsion system with the ability to push on the dynamic vacuum medium.

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