Development of a 10g Femto-Satellite with Active Attitude Control

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Z. Hu et al. (2020), JBIS, 73, pp.163-169

Refcode: 2020.73.163
Keywords: Femto-satellite, miniature magnetorquers, active attitude control

This paper describes the initial design of a femto-satellite with active attitude control. It has a structure with a matchbox form factor, measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.5cm, and uses three miniaturized orthogonal magnetorquers as actuators for attitude control. It also features short range RF communication at 868 MHz for demonstrating satellite networking and swarming around a CubeSat as a host. Preliminary test results obtained from a prototype device weighing 10g are given, including IMU based attitude determination, miniaturized magnetorquers, a custom-built Helmholtz coil system, active attitude control and RF communications.

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