Pulsed Magnetic Nozzle for Fusion Propulsion

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J. Cassibry (2018), JBIS, 71, pp.119-125

Refcode: 2018.71.119
Keywords: Fusion propulsion, Fission/fusion hybrid propulsion, Magnetic nozzle

A fusion or pulsed fission/fusion hybrid propulsion system has the potential to enable rapid interplanetary, deep-space and interstellar precursor missions. For these systems, one of the problems to be solved is the design and development of a nozzle to convert isotropic thermal expansion of a burning target into directed thrust. This paper presents three dimensional simulations of magnetic nozzles to generate propulsive thrust from deuterium tritium plasma. Of interest, was the discovery of a novel winding of field coils, longitudinally rather than azimuthally, to help promote a higher component of jxB Lorentz force in the axial direction. Gravitational lensing and interstellar precursor missions were investigated using gravity free straight line trajectory analysis to determine notional performance requirements to assess the needed improvements in the approach and results presented in this study.

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