The Relativistic Capacitor Model And The Mach-Lorentz Theory

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J.-P. Montillet (2017), JBIS, 70, pp.385-393

Refcode: 2017.70.385
Keywords: Relativistic, Capacitor, Woodward effect, TE mode, Electromagnetism, Mach-Lorentz theory

Various theories have recently emerged to explain the anomalous thrust generated by the controversial EM Drive [1, 2]. This work follows previous works on the Mach-Lorentz thruster [3, 4, 5] to explain the anomalous thrust, based on a capacitor model in the particular case of the TM010 mode. Here, we expand this model with further assumptions, such as the asymmetry due to the geometry of the Electromagnetic cavity, in order to explain the thrust generated in the TE012 mode. This general model is called the "relativistic" capacitor to explain the triggering of the Woodward effect in those various experiments. We show that for the TM010 mode the "relativistic" capacitor models the cavity as a sum of capacitors in series with various capacitances, whereas the TE012 mode is best described as a sum of capacitors in parallel with various capacitances. However, the anomalous thrust results from the Electromagnetic and Gravitational coupling.

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