SP-100 Space Nuclear Power Reactor Simulation by the BEMTE-3 Code

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E. M. Borges et al. (2017), JBIS, 70, pp.244-249

Refcode: 2017.70.244
Keywords: Space nuclear reactor, SP-100, electromagnetic pump

Between 1983 and 1992 the SP-100 space nuclear reactor development project for electric power generation in a range of 100 to 1000 kWe was conducted in the USA. Several configurations were studied to satisfy different mission objectives and power systems. In this reactor, the heat is generated in a compact core and cooled by liquid lithium, the primary loops flow are controlled by thermoelectric electromagnetic pumps (EMTE), and thermoelectric converters produce direct current energy. To define the system operation point, of the space nuclear reactor, for an operating nominal power, it is necessary the simulation of the thermal-hydraulic components. In this paper the BEMTE-3 computer code is used to EMTE pump design performance evaluation, to a thermal-hydraulic primary loop configuration, and comparison of the system operation points of SP-100 reactor to two thermal powers, with satisfactory results.

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