Obayashi Corporation's Space Elevator Construction Concept

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Y. Ishikawa et al. (2016), JBIS, 69, pp.227-239

Refcode: 2016.69.227
Keywords: Space elevator, cable dynamics, carbon nanotube, climber, GEO station

Obayashi Corporationís Space Elevator Construction Concept is one of the most comprehensive ones intended to design a whole elevator system including the configuration, the construction process, the detailed design of each component and the schedule. It features large transportation capability, a construction completion target in the year 2050 and a concept design based on cable dynamics. Although requiring intensive R&D, this concept shall be one of the baselines from which Obayahi should start building the organization and infrastructure to achieve such a big project. After the publication of the original concept, R&D has been conducted on cable, cable dynamics and climber to make the concept a reality.

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