The Longest Journey: Philosophical and Religious Considerations

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A. H. Sinclair (2015), JBIS, 68, pp.324-330

Refcode: 2015.68.324
Keywords: International, exploration, starship, holistic, space, development

This paper discusses the essential and underlying justification for a globalized space development referendum. The topic is viewed within the terms of a 100 year progression, as entre to the notable duration of an evolutionary outlook. The parameters are described as providing both technological and cultural issues for human benefit and advancement. For a compatible and equitable world view it becomes essential to take into consideration the role and context of cultural milieu's which are located within historical and mystical perceptions of outer space and the living universe. Such philosophical backgrounds can provide motivating values and supporting structures for developmental objectives going forward. As technological collaboration will fully represent a changing focus in world affairs, access and participation will be assured by insight into the expected benefits at the largest scale. The umbrellas of space development provide opportunity at all levels, in particular to address sustainability practice and problem solving methodologies. The demonstration of the humanistic and cultural dimensions should be considered as an integrated part of the emerging dynamic.

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