The Effect of Hawking Radation on Fermion Re-Inflation of a Schwartszchild Kugelblitz

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J. S. Lee (2013), JBIS, 66, pp.364-376

Refcode: 2013.66.364
Keywords: Kugelblitz, Schwarzschild, subatomic black hole, interstellar wind, Hawking radiation, Fermion

The implementation of laser-created subatomic black holes (Schwarzschild Kugelblitzes or SKs) as propulsive and power sources for interstellar starships has been presented in the literature [l]. SKs with life expectancies of only several years resulting from petawatt Hawking Radiation suggest the appeal of a mechanism to "re-inflate" the SK. This paper calculates the absorption cross-sections and absorption probabilities of attometer Schwarzschild Kugelblitzes, and demonstrates the need for incoming inflating particles to have an energy in the TeV-PeV range. The interaction between collimated re-inflating fermions and the instantaneous spectrum of Hawking radiation, and the challenges associated with subnuclear-scale beam collimation are examined.

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