Altobiobots: A Biorobotic Interface Platform for Interstellar Travel

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A. C. Altomare (2013), JBIS, 66, pp.265-268

Refcode: 2013.66.265
Keywords: Biorobotic interface, Nanorobotics, Altobiobot, Biorobotics, Interstellar travel, AAnotation

Altobiobots (ABB) are a category of ideal nanorobots with specific capabilities which allow them to reside symbiotically within the nuclei of all nucleate cells in the human body. ABBs facilitate a biorobotic interface through genetic interaction with a host organism and wireless communication among external sources. ABBs create an intra-organism network of uniquely identifiable constituants by utilizing a recursive algorithm, AAnotation, to self-assign non-redundant alphanumerically compressed addresses. The primary context for the development of the ABB biorobotic interface platform is to facilitate interplanetary and interstellar space travel by liberating the capacity for human adaptability. Secondary goals include precise spatial and temporal control of gene expression, enhancement of cerebral brain functions, and disease intervention.

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