Gravitational Assist via Near-Sun Chaotic Trajectories of Binary Objects

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J. L. Breeden (2013), JBIS, 66, 190-194

Refcode: 2013.66.190
Keywords: Interstellar Travel, Chaos Theory, Binary Asteroids, Hypervelocity Stars IntroductIon

Using a process similar to the creation of hypervelocity stars, this paper proposes the use of binary objects (binary asteroid, spaceship + asteroid, etc.) for interstellar travel. Previous research has shown that binary star - single star interactions can cause high-velocity ejection of one member of the inbound binary. By selecting the correct chaotic trajectory, the same may be attainable for ejecting the chosen member of a binary object targeted as near to the sun as is survivable by electronics and/or crew. This paper will outline the basic process and compute the velocity that can be achieved under various orbital parameters via a conservation of energy calculation. It is shown via analogy to previously published calculations involving binary star - black hole interactions that trajectories may exist to achieve useful energy gain.

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