Destination Mars: Colonization via Initial One-way Missions

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D. Schulze-Makuch; P. Davies (2013), JBIS, 66, 11-14

Refcode: 2013.66.11

Earth is located in a dangerous part of the universe. Threats to life on Earth are manifold and range from asteroid impacts to supernova explosions and from supervolcano eruptions to human-induced disasters. If the survival of the human species is to be ensured for the long term, then life on Earth has to spread to other planetary bodies. Mars is the most Earth-like planet we currently know and is the second closest planet; further it possesses a moderate surface gravity, an atmosphere, abundant water and carbon dioxide, together with a range of essential minerals. Thus, Mars is ideally suited to be a first colonization target. Here we argue that the most practical way that this can be accomplished is via a series of initial one-way human missions.

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