Catalysis of the Schwinger Mechanism for π± through the Modification of the Gravitational Dipolar Quantum Vacuum by Superconductors and its Application to Antimatter Space Propulsion

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C. J. De Matos (2011), JBIS, 64, 372-377

Refcode: 2011.64.372
Keywords: Quantum vacuum, equivalence principle, gravitation, superconductivity, antimatter propulsion, fusion propulsion

It is proposed to account for the physical nature of dark matter and dark energy in terms of a gravitational dipolar quantum vacuum made out of virtual pions anti-pions π± pairs. This allows for an evaluation of the effect of the repulsive gravitational type forces, generated by the zero-point electromagnetic energy contained in superconductors, on the cosmological gravitational dipolar vacuum. It is shown that the virtual pions' mass would be inversely proportional to the distance measured from the superconductor. This has immediate fascinating consequences to facilitate the production of real π± pairs out of vacuum just by applying a static electric field, i.e. through the Schwinger-type mechanism, simply by accommodating a capacitor near a superconductor. On this basis one outlines a new concept of innovative gamma ray source, capable to convert directly electrostatic energy (stored in a capacitor) into gamma radiation for possible applications to space propulsion.

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