The Growing Legacy of Spinoffs from the International Space Station and Prospects for Future Benefits

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D. Comstock; D. Lockney (2011), JBIS, 64, 325-329

Refcode: 2011.64.325
Keywords: International Space Station

A multinational effort involving NASA employees and contractors across the United States and space agencies in 15 countries, the International Space Station (ISS) is humanity's home in space and has captured the world's imagination since its first component launched into orbit in 1998. While the ISS provides invaluable information about living in space--essential for future long-duration missions and colonies on the Moon and Mars--everything from the station's construction to biological experiments conducted onboard have led to spinoffs that are improving life on Earth. As the ISS nears completion, this paper highlights ISS-influenced technologies that are advancing fitness and medicine, purifying air and water, enhancing safety, and improving daily life in many other ways. This paper also examines several other promising future benefits derived from the ISS.

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