Post-Operation Storage Options for Space Fission Reactors

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M.S El-Genk (2010), JBIS, 63, 61-73

Refcode: 2010.63.61
Keywords: Space exploration, surface power, fission reactor systems, post-operation storage, radiological source term, safety and reliability.

Interplanetary exploration, select civilian missions in Earth orbits with altitudes >1000 km and human outposts on the moon and Mars could be enabled by fission reactor power and propulsion systems, when the solar option is impractical or inadequate. This paper presents estimates of pre- and post-operation radiological source terms of space reactors and discusses some of the requirements that affect their design, choices of components and the power system safety and reliability. Also discussed are post-operation storage options of fission reactor that might be used in future space exploration missions and for surface power.

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