Is the Combustible Inertial Pico Launch Vehicle Feasible?

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V. Yemets et al. (2010), JBIS, 63, pp.249-259

Refcode: 2010.63.249
Keywords: Combustible inertial pico launch vehicle, gasification chamber, magnetic powder seal

The term combustible inertial with reference to a launch vehicle means that its case is used as main propellant during a flight being fed into a rocket engine by means of inertial forces only (the engine has no turbopump or gas-pressure feed system). Theoretically this technology allows developing extremely light-weight (several hundred kilograms of initial mass) quasi single-stage solid- propellant launch vehicle capable of putting 1 kg payload into a low Earth orbit. The simple structure of the launch vehicle enables assembling, servicing and launching of it by a small group of individuals. The version of the launch vehicle design is shown as dimensioned pictures. Results of calculations and previous experiments are presented. The next step, the experimental investigation of a laboratory propulsion transferring into launching it as a small rocket, is quite accessible for a small university or amateur team. Being successful, this can answer in the affirmative the question of the paper title.

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