Essay on the Causes and Consequences of Extraterrestrial Tyranny

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C.S. Cockell (2010), JBIS, 63, 15-37

Refcode: 2010.63.15
Keywords: Liberty, tyranny, Mars, Moon, Earth

The construction of societies in space in which liberty can be preserved requires that the reasons for the emergence of despotism are identified. Tyranny will emerge from the historical origins of extraterrestrial society and the way in which early communities must be developed technically. It will receive encouragement from the imposing nature of the extraterrestrial environment - its extreme physical characteristics and vast spatial scales that encourage social isolation and autarky. It will flourish in the very culture of a new society in which the laws of physics force people to engage in the most traditional forms of revolutionary activity, such as inventing new calendars. Preventing the emergence of tyranny will not merely be essential for the freedom of people in such societies: the continuity of liberty on the Earth may depend ultimately upon the successful propagation of liberty in space.

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