Requirement Generation For The Habitation Extension Module

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M. Hempsell (2009), JBIS, 62, 52-56

Refcode: 2009.62.52
Keywords: International Space Station, Habitation Extension Module, UK space policy

As part of a debate within United Kingdom regarding its policy to avoid project involving human space flight, a study design was produced to explore the implications of a late entry as a full partner in the International Space Station (ISS). This objective generates many diverse requirements from the two primary stakeholders, the existing ISS partners and United Kingdom itself. It was found that a Soyuz/Fregat launched Habitation Extension Module with a logistic supply capability could meet all these requirements. It is unusual for a system to successfully meet such a wide range of requirements, but in this case the ability to scope the requirements in a single objective and the flexibility inherent in the wide design space created by the many options have made it possible.

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