Team Performance and Space Safety

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B. G. Kanki; D. G. Rogers; L. Bessone; B. Parke; G. M. Sandal; I. Whiteley (2009), JBIS, 62, 273-281

Refcode: 2009.62.273
Keywords: Team performance, human factors, human communications, organizational factors, team training

This paper discusses how space safety is influenced by the ability of teams to work and communicate effectively together. A multi-national team of six authors provides different perspectives on human systems, from both research and operational points of view. When operations involve teams whose members cross organizational and cultural boundaries as they do in current space operations, it is especially critical and challenging to facilitate the most effective team performance. Three key factors that affect team performance and space safety are discussed: (1) communication as related to team performance; (2) the influence of organizations, teams and culture and (3) team training interventions. Relevant research and current practices are described for each of the three areas and a summary in the form of recommendations is provided.

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