The Science and technology Behind Galileo - Europes GPS

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C. Saaj; C. I. Underwood; C. Noakes; D. W. G. Park; T. Moore (2008), JBIS, 61, 91-98

Refcode: 2008.61.91
Keywords: Satellite navigation, Global Positioning System, Galileo

Over recent years, the public has become increasingly aware of the existence of global satellite positioning systems, such as the American Global Positioning System (GPS), for which the generic term is Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). This is primarily due to high-profile use in various military conflicts, the acceptance of the technology by the leisure market (hill walking, yachting, etc) and the rapid development of mass-market applications (such as in-vehicle navigation). However, the public is still largely unaware of how GNSS is currently being utilized by researchers across a wide range of scientific applications. The aim of this paper is to provide answers to public's basic questions on GNSS and thereby raise public awareness on the science and technology behind the nascent Galileo project; a European initiative to design, build and deploy a global satellite positioning system similar to the GPS.

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