Warp Drive - A New Approach

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R. K. Obousy; G. Cleaver (2008), JBIS, 61, 364-369

Refcode: 2008.61.364
Keywords: Warp drive, Casimir effect, brane-world, Alcubierre, Cosmological Constant, Inflation, Extra Dimension. PACS

Certain classes of higher dimensional models suggest that the Casimir Effect is a candidate for the cosmological constant. In this paper we demonstrate that a sufficiently advanced civilization could, in principal, manipulate the radius of the extra dimension to locally adjust the value of the cosmological constant. This adjustment could be tuned to generate an expansion/ contraction of spacetime around a spacecraft creating an exotic form of field-propulsion. Due to the fact that spacetime expansion itself is not restricted by relativity, a faster-than-light `warp drive' could be created. Calculations of the energy requirements of such a drive are performed and an `ultimate' speed limit, based on the Planckian limits on the size of the extra dimensions is found.

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