Preliminary Theorectical Considerations for Getting Thrust via Squeezed Vacuum

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Y. Minami (2008), JBIS, 61, 315-321

Refcode: 2008.61.315
Keywords: Quantum optics, vacuum fluctuations, squeezed vacuum, squeezed light, high-power laser, field propulsion

One promising field propulsion system which gets ahead of all existing methods of propulsion systems utilizes the ubiquitous infinite space, more specifically, vacuum. An extraction of thrust from the excited quantum vacuum is indispensable to the development of field propulsion. It is possible to increase the local energy density above its value in the vacuum state by manipulating the field; this manipulation emerges to increase the energy contained in a prescribed spatial region at a given time. Accordingly to reach steady-state conditions, the vacuum state changes structure in the sense that the energy density is no longer spatially homogeneous. The squeezed light generates the squeezed vacuum states and yields the coordination geometry of energy density. This paper describes the theoretical possibility of extracting thrust from the excited vacuum induced by controlling squeezed light, and identifies several supporting experimental concepts.

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