Development of On-Orbit Servicing Concepts, Technology Option and Roadmap (Part III) - Policy Considerations

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C. Weeden; M. Pastena; S. Morley; V. Abbasi; D. Cree; D. Grover; J. Hay; W. He; X. Huang; S. Jacobs; Z. Jun; S. Kearney; T. Kuwahara; F. Lenzi; H. Mirahmetoglu; M. Otani; M. Pinni; J. Schwartz; K. Shala; J.-F. Shi; J. Singh Khoral; M. Steinkellner; D. Treat; S. Ulrich; P. Verheyden; X. V. Wang (2008), JBIS, 61, 224-228

Refcode: 2008.61.224
Keywords: On-Orbit Servicing, lifetime extension, orbital replacement unit, standardization, policy

Specific policy challenges of On-Orbit Servicing threaten to stagnate this potential industry. One subject that must be addressed is that of the standardization: how the space industry and policy makers alike need to ensure spacecraft are manufactured with design standards in mind. Encouragement of standards can come from government or voluntary practices of industry, such as adherence to a commercial space standards board. Ultimately, standardization will encourage an On-Orbit Servicing industry and provide an alternative to discontinuing space services in failing spacecraft.

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