Auxiliary Internal Structures (AUXIS) for an Expandable Habitat - Configuration Aspects and Hierarchical Structuring

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M. C. Bernasconi; M. Versteeg; R. Zenger (2008), JBIS, 61, 158-171

Refcode: 2008.61.158
Keywords: Space habitats, AUXIS, inflatable structures

The paper presents a feasibility design concept for an expandable habitat's auxiliary internal structures, using rigid support elements. After a summary of the purpose, architecture, and construction concept of the habitat, we review the interfaces between the habitat's primary and auxiliary structures, and introduce a cascading hierarchy to help in assessing different supporting and shaping elements. The study defined an initial, conservative design for realizing the crew quarters as well as flooring and partitions within the expanded volume. Some demonstration activity seems necessary, to reduce the development risk for deployable support structures that have to function within limited volume and with crew present. Also, further work must address important habitability aspects, as well as possible improvements in the items' multi-functionality. Finally, some novel options that may enable the use of flexible expandable secondary structures, stowed within, and deployed with, the habitat's volume were identified during this study, and deserve additional research.

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