Continuous Mars Habitation with a Limited Number of Cycler Vehicles

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D. F. Landau; J. M. Longuski; Buzz Aldrin (2007), JBIS, 60, 122-128

Refcode: 2007.60.122
Keywords: Human Space Exploration, Mars Colonization Mission

This paper explores efficient ways to sustain a sizable colony on Mars. Various combinations of newly and previously discovered cycler and semi-cycler trajectories transport crews from Earth to a Mars base and back. It is assumed that the Mars base should never be abandoned and that the cycler vehicles safely and comfortably transport twelve people at a time. Since these cycler vehicles involve a significant investment, as few as possible should be built. The key trades are between the number of vehicles, the trajectory V, and the crew mission duration. The trajectory V drives propulsion system require- ments and the mission duration affects the crew's health. One-, two-, and three-vehicle scenarios are presented for the colonization of Mars.

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