The Challenge of Very Deep Space Exploration - How Far Will the Frontier Be

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G. Genta (2006), JBIS, 59, 43-47

Refcode: 2006.59.43
Keywords: Robotic space exploration, human space exploration, deep space exploration, artificial intelligence

This paper only apparently deals with the old and usual discussion concerning human versus robotic exploration. Everything seems to have been said on this issue and little new seems at hand. In the case of outer solar system and precursor interstellar mission this discussion has little sense since human exploration is simply impossible, today and in the near (and not so near) future. The point is then how much exploration work will robots be able to perform and what are the limitations of artificial intelligence. While addressing these questions, with the possibilities that the limitations to long range exploration will come from the lack of suitable robots, the identification of enabling technologies that will extend the range of human exploration must be attempted.

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