Past and Future of Astronomy and SETI Cast in Maths

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C. Maccone (2006), JBIS, 59, 283-289

Refcode: 2006.59.283
Keywords: SETI, astronomy, history, mathematical models, evolution

Assume that the history of Astronomy and SETI is the leading proof of the evolution of human knowledge on Earth over the last 3000 years. Then, human knowledge has increased a lot, although not at a uniform pace. A mathematical description of how much human knowledge has increased, however, is difficult to achieve. In this paper, we cast a mathematical model of the evolution of human knowledge over the last three thousand years that seems to reflect reasonably well both what is known from the past and might be extrapolated into the future. Our model is based on two seminal books by Sagan and Finney and Jones. Our model is based on the use of two cubic curves, representing the evolution of Astronomy and of SETI, respectively. We conclude by extrapolating these curves into the future and reach the conclusion that the ”Star Trek” age of humankind might possibly begin by the end of this century.

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