Mikhail Tikhonravov (1900-74) - His Contribution to the Soviet Lunar and Interplanetary Programme

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B. Harvey (2006), JBIS, 59, 266-272

Refcode: 2006.59.266
Keywords: Tikhonravov, designer, Sputnik, Moon, interplanetary, Korolev

As the Soviet space programme emerged from the shadows, the great designers who led its leading design bureaus became known, such as Korolev, Chelomei, Mishin and Glushko. The least well known was Mikhail Klavdeivich Tikhonravov (1900- 74) partly because he sought little attention, partly because he lacked organizational abilities. His role in the Earth satellite project (1954-5) is now well known, but he can also be credited behind many of the ideas that drove the early Soviet lunar and interplanetary programmes. This reappraisal suggests that he played a decisive role here as well.

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