Is the Universe Teeming with Super Civilizations

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I. Shechtman (2006), JBIS, 59, 257-261

Refcode: 2006.59.257
Keywords: Cosmic catastrophes, extinctions, singularity, super civilizations, intelligent astronomy

The time that passes from the moment a life similar to us on some other planet attains humanity's present level of development until it reaches singularity is extremely short in cosmic terms. This means that if such a life managed to reach humanity's present level by the time a violent cosmic event hits it, and certainly later, it probably is near to or already in a state of singularity. In this state it becomes immune to most cosmic catastrophes and subsequently transforms into a super civilization. It is therefore concluded that contrary to the pessimists the universe is probably teeming with super civilizations. This should be taken into account when interpreting astronomical phenomena by allowing for the possibility that not only inanimate nature but intelligence as well may be involved in these phenomena. It is proposed to call this science Intelligent Astronomy.

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