Warp-Drive Metrics and the Yilmaz Theory

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E.J. Zampino (2006), JBIS, 59, 226-229

Refcode: 2006.59.226
Keywords: Warp drive, propulsion, spacetime, and general relativity

Concepts for faster-than-light warp drives and wormholes have been conceived within the framework of Einstein's general relativity. Variations of general relativity are explored as theorists seek ways to resolve the mismatch between general relativity and quantum mechanics and to find solutions to the dark matter and dark energy problems discovered through cosmology. One such variation, the Yilmaz Theory of Gravitation, adds a stress-energy tensor for gravitation to the right-hand side of the Einstein field equations, the side describing the source of spacetime curvature. Since black hole singularities and event horizons do not exist in the Yilmaz spacetime geometry, this may have the consequence of rendering warp drives and wormholes impossible. An analytical approach is suggested to investigate this question and to raise this issue so that other researchers pursuing breakthrough propulsion can take this unknown into account.

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