The Typical Number of Antiprotons Necessary to Heat the Hot Spot in the D-T Fuel Doped with U

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M.L. Shmatov (2005), JBIS, 58, 74-81

Refcode: 2005.58.74
Keywords: nuclear pulse propulsion, antimatter, fast ignition

Fast ignition scenario with heating the hot spot by products of annihilation of antiprotons in the D-T fuel doped with U238 is considered. It is shown that in this scenario the hot spot is being heated effectively only by the fission fragments arising due to annihilation of the antiprotons on the nuclei of uranium. The presented model predicts that fast ignition can be provided by injection of (1.3 to 4.4) x 1015 antiprotons into the D-T fuel compressed to the density of about 200 g/cm3 and containing one nucleus of U238 per about one thousand nuclei of hydrogen isotopes.

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