Suggested Targets for an Infrared Search for Artifricial Kuiper Belt Objects

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G. L. Matloff; A. R. Martin (2005), JBIS, 58, 51-61

Refcode: 2005.58.51
Keywords: Extraterrestrial colonies, Kuiper Belt Objects, astronomical photometry

In a recent paper Matloff addressed the issue of performing an infrared search of Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) for excess infrared radiation as a means of revealing the presence of extraterrestrial colonies which may exist in our solar system. The present paper extends this theme by examining the photometric characteristics of artificial KBOs and comparing these with observations of real KBOs. It is seen that a small number of real objects have characteristics similar to those predicted for artificial bodies, details of these are given, and the available data on them are noted. Facilities for infrared observation are discussed with a view to directing search efforts towards the infrared spectrum. Conclusions are drawn regarding the utility of future searches for the identification of possible artificial infrared sources in the outer solar system.

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