Some Problems Related to Safety and Efficiency of the use of Antihydrogen and Antiprotons

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M.L. Shmatov (2005), JBIS, 58, 326-331

Refcode: 2005.58.326
Keywords: Antihydrogen, antiprotons, space propulsion

The processes initiated by collision of the antihydrogen ice with solid matter are considered. It is shown that such a collision will result in the fast annihilation of at least several tens percent of the antihydrogen even if the collision velocity is low. It is also shown that the cross-sections for capture of the antiprotons with the kinetic energies of the order of 0.1 MeV and greater by the atoms of the high-Z elements are much greater than those for capture of such antiprotons by atoms of the low-Z elements. The relatively high probability of annihilation of the antiprotons on the nuclei of the high-Z element(s) will determine both the parameters of the annihilation products, arising due to the possible accidents of several kinds, and the efficiency of several scenarios of the use of antimatter.

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