Creation of the Directed Plasma Fluxes with Ignition of Microexplosions by and with the use of Distant Microexplosions

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M.L. Shmatov (2004), JBIS, 57, 362-378

Refcode: 2004.57.362
Keywords: nuclear pulse propulsion, inertial fusion energy, fast ignition, X-ray laser

Several methods of creation of the directed plasma fluxes by the groups of the distant microexplosions and applications of these fluxes for acceleration of space ships, electric power production and launch of propel- lant from other planets and asteroids are considered. The directed plasma fluxes will be created effectively if almost all of the microexplosions are ignited by microexplosions or by both driver and microexplosions. An analysis of the problems related to several ignition scenarios of such a kind is presented.

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