Wormsphere Rover Pattern for Discovering Underground Water on Mars Surface

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A. Kangi (2004), JBIS, 57, 298-300

Refcode: 2004.57.298
Keywords: Inflatable robotics, wormsphere, rovers, Mars

Undoubtedly, access to Mars' subsurface liquid water can make abundance of future proposition plausible. In order to access this invaluable source, all of the Martian surface ought to be explored by special super active researchers. Wormsphere Rover, which, as an immense ball, could carry 20 kg radar equipment to detect subsurface water, would be able to move on Mars by the force of continuous, gale-force winds. Moreover, equipped with a certain wormlike kinetic system, this rover is capable of having controllable motion in requisite circumstances, and of exploring underground water in various regions. This vehicle displays a high degree of efficiency for extended exploration in the long term.

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