Water Related Environment Modelling on Mars

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A. Kereszturi (2004), JBIS, 57, 251-255

Refcode: 2004.57.251
Keywords: Mars, human mission, modelling, environment reconstruction, subsurface

During a human Mars exploration because of the lack of time astronauts need fast methods for the interpreta- tion of unexpected observations which give them flexibility and new, important targets. With in-situ modelling it is possible to get information on various past and present processes at the same location on a far wider spectrum than would be realized even during a long mission. This work summarizes the potential technical requirements and benefits of the modelling. Based on a simple estimation with a 300 kg package, and 1-10% of the working time of 1-2 astronauts at the same location, they can get plenty of new and important information for the whole past and present Mars. With the proposed five test groups astronauts will be able to make better and newer kinds of interpretations of observations, and find better targets and methods during the same mission.

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