Space Station Interaction with Transportation System

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R.C. Parkinson (2003), JBIS, 56, 362-368

Refcode: 2003.56.362
Keywords: Space Station, reusable launch vehicle, cost modelling

The paper reports the results of a study into the consequences on acquisition cost of modularising space stations for in orbit assembly. A cost model was produced to cover all aspects of dividing a station up for launch and this enabled the increases due to modularization to be balanced against launch system capacity and cost. The study found that space station acquisition costs are dominated by the level of modularization and in orbit assembly, to the extent that in a mixed launcher fleet it pays to use the largest launch system regardless of any impact on launch costs. A key factor affecting modularization cost was found to be the additional systems engineering and testing required and this area is recommended as worthy of further investigation.

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