An Introduction to Concepts of Field Propulsion

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Y. Minami (2003), JBIS, 56, 350-359

Refcode: 2003.56.350
Keywords: Field propulsion, pressure thrust, space drive, quantum vacuum, curvature

At the present stage of the 21st century, the only practical propulsion system that mankind has is chemical propulsion. However, in momentum thrust propulsion the maximum speed is limited by the product of the effective gas exhaust velocity and the natural logarithm of the mass ratio; hence, the speed of present rockets is too slow compared with the speed of the planets and for interstellar travel. A breakthrough in propulsion science is required. A possible breakthrough could rely on the notion of field propulsion. This would employ a physical means to asymmetrically interact with the space vacuum. The fundamental propulsion principle and some candidates of field propulsion systems are discussed herein.

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