A Mechanical Principle for Acquisition of useful Power on a Celestial Body Through Utilisation of its Planetary Precession

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K. Vulkov (2002), JBIS, 55, 394-397

Refcode: 2002.55.394
Keywords: Principle, power, planet, precession, balance, exchange

In consequence of the phenomenon of planetary precession there emerges a possibility for acquisition of power through utilisation of the rotary motions in the universe. The idea is to acquire useful power on the working shaft of a properly designed machine installed on a celestial body (planet), at the expense of the motional energy of the latter. Strange as it may appear, this is possible if only the regulation of the machine be brought in line with the parameters of the precession. The principle of action of such a planetary engine, including an energy balance, is put forward in the present paper.

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