The Arkon-1 Optical System

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G.H. Thompson (1999), JBIS, 52, 223-225

Refcode: 1999.52.223

The deployment of a Russian very high resolution remote sensing satellite into an unusual and distinctive orbit has raised speculation concerning the optical system employed. With an operational height through the imaging arc of the orbit some two-and-a-half times higher than most civil remote sensing satellites, Arkon-1 has an eccentricity more than three orders of magnitude greater than the average for other (civil) remote sensing satellites. An orbit of this type will require the sensor assembly to have a large optical system, while at the same time needing to meet restrictions on size and mass. Using the very limited amount of data available from Russian sources, provided by the Kettering Group, an assessment is made of the optical configuration necessary for a very high resolution sensor system that is both compact and has favourable mass.

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