A Kardashev III Approach to Extra-Solar Planetary System Colonization

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G. Gaviraghi et al. (2016), JBIS, 69, pp.83-87

Refcode: 2016.69.83
Keywords: Interstellar civilization, Strategies For Interstellar Development

Our society, being a K1, a planetary type, in accordance with Kardashev classification, is entirely ground-based, delivering our rockets out of our planet to several space destinations. How would a society mastering interstellar travel, classified as a K3 in the Kardashev scale act for a similar goal: colonize a planetary system? What could be the pattern of expansion for the diffusion of terrestrial ecosystems, where possible, in an alien planetary system? What would be the launching facilities system for the planetary development from a space-based starship and what could be a strategic and logical approach to the system that may lead to colonization or terrestrial ecosystem expansion? In the paper we will explore the strategies involved in a space based approach, the infrastructure, equipment, and facilities needed to face successfully the new environment development. Such strategies may range from unmanned preparation phases, to the manned ones or to a hybrid by sending mind uploaded machines and human embryo clones or even just information that can take hold of existing life forms to pursue our goals.

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