On a Spectral Pattern of the Von Neumann Probes

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Z. Ozmanov (2020), JBIS, 73, pp.254-257

Refcode: 2020.73.254
Keywords: von Neumann Probes, SETI, Extraterrestrial life-detection

In this paper we have extended our previous work and considered the spectral characteristics of interstellar non- relativistic von Neumann probes launched by Kardashev Type-II and Type-III civilizations. It has been shown that by means of the proton capture, required for replication, strong bremstrahlung emission will be generated. We have found that for both types of civilizations the probes might be visible mainly in the infrared spectral band, but as it has been found the probes might be visible in the ultraviolet as well. For both cases it was shown that differential power has dips for equally spaced frequencies, which might be a significant fingerprint to identify such exotic interstellar objects.

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