An Optimization Framework for Global Planetary Surface Exploration Campaigns

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J. Ahn; O. de Weck; J. Hoffman (2008), JBIS, 61, 487-498

Refcode: 2008.61.487
Keywords: Surface exploration, campaign optimization, Mars, ISRU, orbiting depot

As the scale of space exploration increases, planning of planetary surface exploration becomes more complex and campaign- level optimization becomes necessary. This is a challenging profit maximization problem whose decisions encompass selection of bases, technological options, routes, and excursion methods under constraints on a route, a mission, and a whole campaign. This paper introduces the Generalized Location Routing Problem with Profits (GLRPP), which is a framework to deal with this campaign optimization problem. A mathematical formulation for the GLRPP is developed and solution methods to solve the GLRPP are presented. A case study for a global Mars surface exploration campaign optimization has been carried out. Problem instances with 100 potential bases and 1000 potential exploration sites are solved with consideration of realistic future technologies and constraints.

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