A Cable Transportation System at the Earths Poles to Support Exploitation of the Moon

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A. A. Bolonkin; R. B. Cathcart (2006), JBIS, 59, 375-380

Refcode: 2006.59.375
Keywords: Earth-Moon transport system, cable space transport system

The prospect for non-rocket space transportation system creates an opportunity for new macro-engineering initiatives related to lunar economic development and Earth's ecological sustainability. We propose a macroproject that will transfer collected seawater from the Arctic Ocean and compressed carbon dioxide gas from the planet's atmosphere via a conveyer belt-like space transport system to the Moon. Creation of a subterranean cave or surface dome-enclosed lunar seawater reservoir (lake, ocean) will permit remarkable industrial transformations of the Moon's crust; carbon dioxide is a useful industrial gas, perhaps worthy of bulk transport to the Moon. Abstraction of carbon dioxide gas and seawater, and its conveyance via a Cable Space Transportation System cable cabins, will result in a slight geo-engineering of Earth

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